Out of the Abyss

Final Preparations

The heroes returned to Blingdenstone with the location of Entémoch’s Boon. Noomi Pathshutter was particularly pleased to learn of its location and immediately set out to raise more earth elementals to help secure the city. The heroes provided some gems in order to summon forth their own elemental allies and were rewarded with three large earth elementals.

With the assistance of the elementals, Reece, Elias, Nwul, and Fnipper headed back into the Rockblight to finish what they began.

Thunderous cracks echoed through the chambers of the Temple of Steadfast Stone as the heroes’ elementals fought with those under the control of Orémoch’s Bane. As each of the malevolent elementals fell, a galeb duhr sprung forth from the earth to protect the temple. Finally they had succeeded in hallowing the temple.

But there was still much work to do in the Rockblight. The malevolent entity Ogrémoch’s Bane was still lurking, as well as a rumored ancient drow – Neheedra. So the heroes ventured to pacify the Rockblight and make it safe for the svirfneblin of Blingdenstone once again.

During the exploration, they encountered a pair of gargoyles, and Reece communed with a ghost of Blingdenstone’s past. They followed a puff of gas back through the chamber of crystals to find the location of Ogrémoch’s Bane.

The chamber was dotted with petrified drow and svirfneblin, and at the top of a dais rested a large crystal roughly two feet in diameter. As they approached, the statues animated and attacked them. Reece used a shatter spell, which was amplified by the chamber and ruptured many of the stone and crystalline entities. Elias attempted to smash the crystal, but fell to the ceiling when gravity was reversed by the malevolence bound within the crystal. With a final blow, Nwul destroyed the crystal, releasing the gaseous form of Ogrémoch’s Bane.

The gas coalesced inside one of their own elemental allies, and they were forced to destroy the corrupted creature. Weakened and with no other convenient place to turn, Ogrémoch’s Bane fled the Rockblight. Who knows if and where it may return?

After mending their wounds, the heroes decided that Neheedra, rumored to be a medusa, was still a threat in the Rockblight. It would yet be too dangerous for the svirfneblin to recolonize the Rockblight. Meanwhile, Senni Diggermattock began organizing workers to clear the rubble of the Temple of Steadfast Stone.

The heroes quickly deispatched a ghost that was causing trouble in Blingdenstone, then ventured forth to the Rockblight to deal with Neheedra. In truth she was a medusa, and that proved almost fatal for Fnipper, who was caught in her gaze and instantly petrified. The others continued to press the battle, and Neehedra called out for Ogrémoch’s Bane to help her. But no help from the malevolent entity arrived. She was destroyed, but the victory was bittersweet as one of the party’s number had been turned to stone.

Luckily by now the heroes had earned some repute with the Stoneheart Enclave, and Gurnik Tapfinger performed a restoration ritual to bring Fnipper back to her natural flesh form. Of course, this cost the party some of the spoils they had earned during their adventures.

Finally it was time to retake the last quadrant of Blingdenstone from the ooze creatures that overran it. It was time for the Battle of Blingdenstone.

A New Hope
Heroes and Boons

The heroes had now been in Blingdenstone for several days and were starting to feel overwhelmed with the daunting task of the Rockblight. To make matters worse, they heard that a drow was taken into custody at the city gate. Could this be some devious move by Ilvara to flush them out of the svirfneblin mining town?

They managed to secure an audience with the prisoner and proceeded to interrogate him. They quickly realized that he was not full-blooded drow, and later came to learn that his father was human. Nwûl told them that he was a traveling monk seeking to free the chained wherever he found them.

Finding no illusory magic, and no presence of fiends, the heroes were satisfied that Nwûl was telling the truth. And that he was not a spy of Ilvara. The heroes decided to take him as their charge and he joined the party.

The heroes decided to pursue Entémoch’s Boon, a summoning circle of benevolent earth elementals. However, Nwûl was forbidden to leave the city by Dorbo Diggermattock, who still did not trust the half-drow. Thus, the heroes snuck out of Blingdenstone through the Goldwhisker Warrens.

Using the knowledge provided by the dust mephit that they had previously met, the heroes wound their way through the underdark toward Entémoch’s Boon. They found the trail of small piles of stone, and Elias made additional markings of the symbol of Sehanine.

After traveling for a while they tired and rested. However, upon rising Reece heard the sounds of pursuit. The heroes quickly hid and three drow entered the cavern they were in. They ambushed the drow, and Nwûl proved himself a valued member of the team. After the fight they realized that even now, after weeks of being free of Velkynvelve, Mistress Ilvara still pursued them through the Underdark.

Somewhat unsettled, they pressed on to Entémoch’s Boon. Finally they found the site and began to explore it, making sure it was safe for the svirfneblin to return to it. That’s when they found two large eight-legged beasts inhabiting the cavern. The creatures attacked, and the heroes found it difficult to look them straight in the eyes. Doing so caused their legs to seize and their movement to become restrained. These basilisks possessed a power to paralyze their prey. Eventually, the heroes were able to kill the pair of creatures and searched their lair.

They quickly found a nest of basilisk eggs, and identified them as quite valuable. A more thorough search through their excrement revealed gems of high value and a magical mace. The thing looked of drow origin, being decorated with spider web motif. On the head rested a black widow carved of onyx. On command the spider would rotate to point North.

Taking their treasure, the heroes packed up to head back to Blingdenstone. Having now a detailed route and map to guide them, they found the way back without difficulty.

A Different Plan of Action

Having faced their most recent failure at the Temple of Steadfast Stone, the heroes decided to take on different tasks for the community of Blingdenstone.

Knowing they had to secure food and lodging, they decided to take on the tasks set to them from Senni and Dorbo Diggermattock. Thus, they set out to scout the oozes and to entreat with the Goldwhisker Clan.

As soon as they were let into the Goldwhisker Warrens, they were happened upon by a strange creature. Although, ever creature they have seen in the Underdark could be considered so by their surface-dwelling experience.

What appeared to be a small puff of dust surrounded a small imp-like creature. Following this dust mephit was a large, lumbering earth elemental. The two regarded the party with curiosity. Attempts at verbal communication failed when they heard the voice of the mephit – obviously alien and perhaps otherworldly. Fnipper did her best at communication nonetheless and discovered that the mephit and elemental were traveling to Enémoch’s Boon somewhere outside of Blingdenstone. The quick-thinking gnome scratched out a map on the ground, and with the aid of the mephit identified the directions to the lost summoning circle.

After the mephit and elemental took their leave, the party pressed on, but were quickly halted when Fnipper triggered a trap. The ceiling caved in, but she jumped backward to save her life.

Making their way to the next room, they were ambushed by four deep gnomes of the Goldwhisker Clan. Battle ensued and the situation was looking a little dire when Reece’s sleep spell failed to have an effect. Two of the Goldwhiskers were slain, and the other two retreated. The heroes left a bloody and gruesome scene with beheaded bodies and a note promising parley. They then turned to the north in search of the oozes.

Reece, having spent much of his energy during the one encounter beseeched the others to head back to the Foaming Mug for the day. The others made fun of him and pressed on, but not before huddling in an empty hovel for an hour to catch their breath.

They resumed exploring and Elias boldly declared there were no traps to be found. He then immediately stepped upon a pressure plate, sending 4 poisoned darts at the party. Much pain and laughter were had.

It was then, in the dark of the lost Blingdenstone quarter, they came upon a sight of dozens of oozes in a ruin of some kind. The oozes did not move to attack, being on the other side of a half-destroyed fungal wall, and so the heroes retreated to explore other areas. They found an enormous chamber with a massive 150-foot diameter stone sphere in its center. The chamber was filled with dozens of oozes of various kinds. A disembodied voice shouted at them to leave, and so they did. They came upon one final chamber containing oozes. This one also contained a throne of stone, but they quickly discovered it was guarded by a massive black ooze. And so they retreated again.

Finally they decided to head back to the Goldwhisker Warrens to talk with the svirfneblin whom they had heard were wererats. They were stopped by several guards, who escorted them to meet with Chipgrin, leader of the Goldwhiskers.

It appears that Chipgrin and Senni were of like minds. They both wanted to talk, whereas the party knew that Dorbo wanted to exterminate the wererat clan. So they decided to set a meeting in a fairly neutral location: the door that separated the two populations.

Thus it was that they returned to the Diggermattocks to inform them of their findings. They were repaid with food, lodging, and a spell gem. The Diggermattocks would meet with Chipgrin, and invite him to participate in the Council of Blingdenstone.

. . .

Meanwhile, the heroes know that powerful foes lie in the Rockblight and continue to threaten Blingdenstone at large.

Up to our rocks in danger!

Merrick was traveling to Silverymoon to meet with elves there who worship Sehanine. Unfortunately, his traveling party was waylaid by bandits, and other unsavory types. The constant interruptions and threats took its toll on his party. In its weakened state, the party was lost in a bog in the Evermoors. A thick fog enshrouded them, and trolls emerged to attack. As a troll came upon Merrick, a sinkhole collapsed under your combined weight and you tumbled deep into the earth. Merrick felt a familiar presence – an otherworldly entity who had saved him previously and granted him power. Whatever its nature and intentions, it must have intervened, because after blacking out from the fall, Merrick awoke to find strange fungal creatures surrounding him. Looking about, he found the troll was slain as well as one of their number.

The myconid were intrigued by Merrick, for they knew of no surface dweller who could communicate telepathically as they. Merrick immediately became aware of a place called Neverlight Grove, and was invited to seek haven there. Traveling with the myconid was a strange experience, even stranger was sharing his thoughts with them. Together they formed a strong bond. Tryllam, Araphan, and Murph became Merrick’s allies in the Underdark, and they traveled together making way toward Neverlight Grove.

Soon they came upon some svirfneblin and camped with them. Beran Scrivmark, who was somewhat of an historian, told Merrick of Blingdenstone, where a camp of svirfneblin were attempting to rebuild the fallen settlement. While moderately successful, they still had large portions of the caves sealed off. The historian also told him of a danger lurking in one of the tunnels – a drow who had gone mad and been corrupted by some extra-planar malevolence. Neheedra is now a medusa and she haunts the caverns. He instructed Sark Axebarrel, a deep gnome guard, to offer a bounty on the medusa.

Thus it was that Merrick was escorted by svirfneblin back to Blingdenstone, and that is where he met with Reece and Elias.


The heroes determined to help the svirfneblin of Blingdenstone as best they could, and decided their first mission would be to restore the ancient temple to the svirfneblin god Callarduran Smoothhands.

Reece came up with a genius plan to re-enlist Prince Derendil in their efforts. Together with Elias, they promised the prince a crown forged of whatever precious materials they could find in Blingdenstone. The promise was accepted, and Derendil signed up for action.

Together, Reece, Elias, Prince Derendil, and their new friend Merrick ventured into the Rockblight in search of the menhir that marked the site of the svirfneblin temple.

They passed through some abandoned residences and encountered the ghost of Udhask. Udhask attacked the invaders with a horrific visage. While Elias steeled himself against the terrifying sight, Merrick and Reece were struck with such dread that their hair began to whiten. Reece was particularly struck, his bones weakening to the point of osteoporosis. Much of his hair fell out and his skin slackened on his flesh. The feeble old man who was once Reece was overcome with the effect, and his own cure became his first priority.

Merrick slashed the ghost who fled at the first opportunity, shouting “They are here! Everyone hide!”

The heroes pursued the ghost back to its hovel and found the remains of Udhask. Searching the apartment, they found a hidden compartment with 6 gems worth a good sum of gold.

They decided to press on and search for the temple. But in the next chamber they found a population of large crystals. A petrified gnome was holding one up close to his face. Having been warned of the presence of a medusa in the caverns, Elias surmised the crystals might help protect from a petrifying gaze somehow. They claimed some crystals for later use and moved on toward the former temple.

Once they found the menhir, they were ready for anything. Reece placed the spell gem in the standing stone and immediately a malevolent earth elemental emerged from the cavern wall. The spell gem began to glow faintly, but it required time to complete. The heroes made a valiant effort to hold the earth elemental back, but it was simply too powerful for them. Its attacks were overwhelming, and it resisted much of the damage they dealt. In the face of this opposition, the heroes decided to retreat. Wounded, aged, and demoralized, they returned to Inner Blingdenstone.

Faced with the aged Reece, the heroes immediately sought out a greater restoration spell. They returned to Gurnik Tapfinger, the highest level priest currently within Blingdenstone. He was at first incredulous at the failure of the heroes to stop the earth elementals and dismayed at the possibility of a ruined temple. However, he agreed to cast the spell from a scroll with the aid of some other acolytes and a hefty fee. The only items of value the heroes had were the six gems they had found. Not knowing their exact worth, they offered them to Gurnik, who accepted them as payment for the spell.

The ritual began and Reece and Merrick lay within a circle of candles. The earth softened and swallowed them. A couple tense minutes passed as Elias looked on. Then the two were lifted from the earth by some divine means. They limply floated through the air and were deposited outside the circle, fully restored to their proper ages. Reece also found that the madness he had experienced in the previous weeks was cured.

And the heroes decided to rest and formulate a new plan . . .

Onward to Blingdenstone!

With a rough map in-hand, the heroes made their way toward Blingdenstone, where Reece promised they would find hospitality among the deep gnomes there. He had studied with Kazook Pickshine in Neverwinter some years ago, and Kazook had told him wonderful things about the gnome city in the Underdark. Soon they would learn that some of those tales may have been somewhat exaggerated.

After briefly getting lost and happening upon an underground hot spring, the heroes made their way to a large cavern where they heard a brief shout followed by a sickening crunch. In the shadows and silhouettes they made out two hideous caterpillar creatures with large tentacles just below their heads. The carrion crawlers attacked.

The odds were against the heroes, but they were holding their own. Luckily a group of svirfneblin led by Nomi Pathshutter were searching for their missing comrades and came upon the battle. Nomi sent their galeb duhr to assist in dispatching the crawlers, and the party was relatively safe once more.

Nomi told the party how to proceed onward to Blingdenstone and made a request that if they were to come upon any mad out-of-control earth elementals, that they return any samples to her for further study. Her hypothesis was that Ogrémoch’s Bane was present within the Rockblight portion of Blingdenstone, and the menacing entity from the plane of elemental earth was causing the other earth elementals to go mad.

Following her directions, the party then came to the entrance to the Pickshine Mines where they met Dasco Pickshine. Dasco sent them on their way along with a couple carts of ore that were heading back to Blingdenstone.

Upon reaching the svirfneblin city, the party was greeted with dour indifference and minor suspicion. Since Reece had mentioned his good friend Kazook, they were permitted entry. They wound their way through a maze of defenses before entering Inner Blingdenstone.

Once inside they immediately set out to find Kazook and were told that he runs a trading stall in the Trader’s Grotto. Without delay they proceeded to the bazaar, but came upon a dire situation indeed. Somehow two gelatinous cubes had made their way into the area and were actively devouring gnomes.

It was feared that Elias would perish after being engulfed by one of the cubes. But the party was able to defeat the creature. With the immediate threat behind them, Reece finally reunited with his lost friend Kazook. Unfortunately they needed to seek aid for Elias, and were quickly ushered to the temple of the svirfneblin god Segojan Earthcaller.

A young priest was able to heal Elias, but not before he was visited by the spirit of Burrow Warden Jadger. Jadger beseeched Elias to settle two restless spirits of Blingdenstone, one Vazuk who violently haunts the living quarters in Inner Blingdenstone, and another Udhask, whose remains were lost somewhere in the area now known as the Rockblight.

After Elias’ recovery, Kazook led the party to The Foaming Mug, where they caught up over a warm meal of roasted chicken. Kazook set up a meeting with Dorbo and Senni Diggermattock, the de facto rulers of Blingdenstone for the following day.

When the heroes returned to the Trader’s Grotto to take care of some incidentals, they were approached by one of the guards. He was one of two who had been temporarily engulfed by one of the gelatinous cubes. He told the heroes that while they rushed off with Kazook to heal their friend, the remaining svirfneblin guards found 12 gp and a magical shortsword (+1) of drow manufacture. He wanted to reward them for saving him from the cube and gave them the treasure.

The heroes also met with Gurnik Tapfinger, the head priest of Callarduran Smoothhands, another svirfneblin deity. The heroes were interested in having lesser restoration cast upon them, but Gurnik was unwilling to cast the ritual for free. He requested they undertake a quest instead. The former temple of Smoothhands was desecrated after the drow invasion, and now lies beyond the svirfneblin reach in the Rockblight. He requested the heroes place a special spell gem in the menhir of the temple to consecrate the grounds and protect it from the influence of Ogrémoch’s Bane. In return he would either cast lesser restoration, or provide a blesssing of weapon or blessing of protection upon them. It was a difficult choice for the heroes, but first they would have to venture into the Rockblight.

The heroes met with Dorbo and Senni Diggermattock. The Diggermattocks told them that they were under a lot of pressure to sustain themselves at Blingdenstone. There were several areas of the former site that were lost to the drow incursion decades ago. While they’ve reclaimed Inner Blingdenstone, several problem areas remain.

First there is the unexplored area to the Northwest. Recently oozes have been making their way into Blingdenstone and wreaking havoc. They’ve all been headed in that direction. They requested the heroes investigate the area.

Second, there is a standing feud between the expedition deep gnomes who have recently returned to Blingdenstone and the descendants of the original inhabitants. Those descendants, known as the Goldwhisker Clan, currently inhabit a section to the west. Complicating matters is the fact that they have all become infected with lycanthropy. Dorbo does not trust them, nor does he wish them well. Senni would rather see a unified Blingdenstone and requested the heroes entreat with the Goldwhiskers to create goodwill.

Thus the heroes realized that if they were to receive any help finding their way out of the Underdark, they would have to assist Blingdenstone with its own problems.

The Silken Paths

Once again finding themselves lost in the Underdark, the heroes stumbled from one cavern to the next, hoping to find their way eventually to Blingdenstone.

In the Underdark, even obstacles that one has tackled hundreds of times before become treacherous. Thus it was that the heroes made their way across a high cliff aided by a rope secured at one end. They elected to have the most experienced climber go last, so that she could bring the rope with her. Eldeth unknotted the rope and began making her way across the ledge, but slipped part of the way through, plunging 80 feet down the cliff into the darkness beyond.

A valiant rescue was staged by Elias and Prince Derendil, and by the grace of Sehanine, Eldeth’s life was saved. She wouldn’t be the same afterward, favoring her leg as she traveled forward.

The heroes pressed on ,and a few days passed before they found The Silken Paths. At first hesitant to enter into an area so obviously created by spiders, and fearing the spectre of the drow at their heels, the heroes were about to turn around. It was then that they were greeted by two goblins, Yuk-yuk and Spiderbait, surfers of the Silken Paths. They agreed to guide the party through the paths, for a fee of course.

Soon it was that the party, being sizable in number, put too much strain on the spider webs that they were crossing and one snapped beneath them. Elias and Buppido fell, but were eventually caught by the webs again. Before the others could assist in any way, a group of spiders fell upon them looking for a fresh kill. While battle raged above, Elias and Buppido climbed their way back to the others. After fending off the spiders, the party pressed on again.

It was then they encountered a group of cocoons in the webs, finding one of them to contain a living halfling. After rescuing him, Fargas Rumblefoot told them the story of how he came to be traveling the Underdark. The primary reason for his expedition was to find the lost Tomb of Khaem.

Fearing another attack by spiders it was determined they should make their way with haste. But a voice called out to them, and the heroes discovered a wandering beholder driven mad by the curse of the Underdark. The only useful information they could glean from the mad Naralynx was that there were demons rising in the dark. Making a move to attack, Elias drove him away with a spell.

Finally the heroes made their way off the Silken Paths and onward with rough directions from Yuk-yuk and Spiderbait toward Blingdenstone.

Days later they found a cavern filled with skeletal remains. On the other end of the cavern, a couple duergar were battling animated skeletons. Soon other skeletons rose and attacked the party. Battle was engaged, and things looked dire when the remains of a minotaur rose up to battle the heroes. With the aid of the duergar, all undead were dispatched. As a means of thanks, the duergar provided them with a flap of leather upon which was scrawled a very rough map of the Underdark. Finally a way to Blingdenstone!

On to Sloobludop

Having lost their only reliable guide, the heroes wandered through the caverns and tunnels of the Underdark, frightened by every sound emerging from the darkness beyond the light of their lanterns.

Eventually, with the aide of Eldeth, an experienced scout from Gauntlgrym, and Shushar, the heroes made their way toward Sloobludop. On approach of the kuo-toa town, they were set upon by a kuo-toa party in a hostile manner.

Shortly thereafter they encountered another kuo-toa party, this on led by Plooploopeen, the kuo-toa high priest of the Sea Mother. Plooploopeen proved much more hospitable than the other kuo-toa they had encountered, and he escorted the party to the town of Sloobludop.

Plooploopeen hosted the party for a hot meal of soup. It was disgusting, but more food than they had received at Velkynvelve. It was then that he requested their aid dealing with a rival religious faction led by his own daughter, Bloppblippodd.

This rival group worshipped the Deep Father, a malevolent spirit from the Darklake. Plooploopeen’s plan was to stage an offering of peace between the Sea Mother and the Deep Father, with the heroes as the sacrifice. Once close by, the betrayal would be revealed, and Plooploopeen would destroy the rival cult.

All went according to plan, with the heroes placed at the foot of the alter to the Deep Father. But after Plooploopeen struck the fatal blow, an horrific sight emerged from the Darklake – a 30 foot tall double-headed demon arose from the murky waters. Demogorgon himself raged and thrashed, sending his tentacle appendages out to destroy the hovels of Sloobludop.

Struck by varying levels of madness, the heroes fled in terror making it out of Sloobludop by land in the company of Eldeth, Prince Derendil, Buppido, and Stool. Shushar, who had been befriended by Elias, was separated from them and left to his fate, whatever that may have been.

Out into the Underdark

Having escaped the slave pen of Velkynvelve, the heroes raided the equipment storage and took on Shoor. They decided to make their final escape from the prison camp.

The heroes let down a rope into the spider webs. After narrowly escaping the grasp of a giant spider, Elias scouted out the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. The others followed, including Syd, who jumped from the cliff into the pool below at the last moment to escape the drow captors.

The heroes made their way North out of the cavern, venturing into the Underdark led by the drow Sarith Kzekarit.

During several days of pursuit, the heroes scavenged various fungi for food and wandered through both vast caverns and narrow, dark passageways. The only light they carried were their fungi lanterns, which only beat back about 10 feet of darkness.

On the sixth day out of Velkynvelve, they awoke to find JimJar dead, murdered in his sleep by the look of it. Having conducted a cursory investigation, they accused Sarith of the murder to which his reaction was violent. A few seconds later, Sarith lay dead at their feet. They had lost two of their number, including their guide through the Underdark.

Upon inspection of the Sarith’s body, Reece and Fnipper were shocked by a vision of a tall lanky humanoid fungus – the Queen of the Fungi – Zuggtmoy. Shocked, frightened, and driven near to madness by the vision, the heroes were nearly overwhelmed by the realization of their current situation. Lost in the dark, they were terrified by what may reside out in the unknown.


Captured by the Drow!

You thought you were okay strolling through the Underdark. Little did you realize there are more than just rats in the depths of the world. One moment you are walking along, the next – pow! out cold. Captured by the drow. Now you are locked in a cavern with a dozen others awaiting a drow patrol to take you away to Menzoberranzan where you will be sold as slaves.

In session 1 the PCs found themselves imprisoned at the hands of the drow. Held in the drow outpost Velkynvelve awaiting transfer to Menzoberranzan, the PCs were hard set on escape.

Jorlan, a drow captor, unexpectedly murdered one of the drow guards at the slave quarters, and left the keys just outside the door.

Halfway through their escape, the party encountered Shoor, the drow currently favored by Mistress Ilvara. It took nearly every member of the group, but Shoor was finally bested, all to reclaim the sword and shield of the paladin, Elias.

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