Out of the Abyss

Captured by the Drow!

You thought you were okay strolling through the Underdark. Little did you realize there are more than just rats in the depths of the world. One moment you are walking along, the next – pow! out cold. Captured by the drow. Now you are locked in a cavern with a dozen others awaiting a drow patrol to take you away to Menzoberranzan where you will be sold as slaves.

In session 1 the PCs found themselves imprisoned at the hands of the drow. Held in the drow outpost Velkynvelve awaiting transfer to Menzoberranzan, the PCs were hard set on escape.

Jorlan, a drow captor, unexpectedly murdered one of the drow guards at the slave quarters, and left the keys just outside the door.

Halfway through their escape, the party encountered Shoor, the drow currently favored by Mistress Ilvara. It took nearly every member of the group, but Shoor was finally bested, all to reclaim the sword and shield of the paladin, Elias.


kyle_hiner kyle_hiner

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