Out of the Abyss


Out into the Underdark

Having escaped the slave pen of Velkynvelve, the heroes raided the equipment storage and took on Shoor. They decided to make their final escape from the prison camp.

The heroes let down a rope into the spider webs. After narrowly escaping the grasp of a giant spider, Elias scouted out the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. The others followed, including Syd, who jumped from the cliff into the pool below at the last moment to escape the drow captors.

The heroes made their way North out of the cavern, venturing into the Underdark led by the drow Sarith Kzekarit.

During several days of pursuit, the heroes scavenged various fungi for food and wandered through both vast caverns and narrow, dark passageways. The only light they carried were their fungi lanterns, which only beat back about 10 feet of darkness.

On the sixth day out of Velkynvelve, they awoke to find JimJar dead, murdered in his sleep by the look of it. Having conducted a cursory investigation, they accused Sarith of the murder to which his reaction was violent. A few seconds later, Sarith lay dead at their feet. They had lost two of their number, including their guide through the Underdark.

Upon inspection of the Sarith’s body, Reece and Fnipper were shocked by a vision of a tall lanky humanoid fungus – the Queen of the Fungi – Zuggtmoy. Shocked, frightened, and driven near to madness by the vision, the heroes were nearly overwhelmed by the realization of their current situation. Lost in the dark, they were terrified by what may reside out in the unknown.


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