Out of the Abyss

Final Preparations

The heroes returned to Blingdenstone with the location of Entémoch’s Boon. Noomi Pathshutter was particularly pleased to learn of its location and immediately set out to raise more earth elementals to help secure the city. The heroes provided some gems in order to summon forth their own elemental allies and were rewarded with three large earth elementals.

With the assistance of the elementals, Reece, Elias, Nwul, and Fnipper headed back into the Rockblight to finish what they began.

Thunderous cracks echoed through the chambers of the Temple of Steadfast Stone as the heroes’ elementals fought with those under the control of Orémoch’s Bane. As each of the malevolent elementals fell, a galeb duhr sprung forth from the earth to protect the temple. Finally they had succeeded in hallowing the temple.

But there was still much work to do in the Rockblight. The malevolent entity Ogrémoch’s Bane was still lurking, as well as a rumored ancient drow – Neheedra. So the heroes ventured to pacify the Rockblight and make it safe for the svirfneblin of Blingdenstone once again.

During the exploration, they encountered a pair of gargoyles, and Reece communed with a ghost of Blingdenstone’s past. They followed a puff of gas back through the chamber of crystals to find the location of Ogrémoch’s Bane.

The chamber was dotted with petrified drow and svirfneblin, and at the top of a dais rested a large crystal roughly two feet in diameter. As they approached, the statues animated and attacked them. Reece used a shatter spell, which was amplified by the chamber and ruptured many of the stone and crystalline entities. Elias attempted to smash the crystal, but fell to the ceiling when gravity was reversed by the malevolence bound within the crystal. With a final blow, Nwul destroyed the crystal, releasing the gaseous form of Ogrémoch’s Bane.

The gas coalesced inside one of their own elemental allies, and they were forced to destroy the corrupted creature. Weakened and with no other convenient place to turn, Ogrémoch’s Bane fled the Rockblight. Who knows if and where it may return?

After mending their wounds, the heroes decided that Neheedra, rumored to be a medusa, was still a threat in the Rockblight. It would yet be too dangerous for the svirfneblin to recolonize the Rockblight. Meanwhile, Senni Diggermattock began organizing workers to clear the rubble of the Temple of Steadfast Stone.

The heroes quickly deispatched a ghost that was causing trouble in Blingdenstone, then ventured forth to the Rockblight to deal with Neheedra. In truth she was a medusa, and that proved almost fatal for Fnipper, who was caught in her gaze and instantly petrified. The others continued to press the battle, and Neehedra called out for Ogrémoch’s Bane to help her. But no help from the malevolent entity arrived. She was destroyed, but the victory was bittersweet as one of the party’s number had been turned to stone.

Luckily by now the heroes had earned some repute with the Stoneheart Enclave, and Gurnik Tapfinger performed a restoration ritual to bring Fnipper back to her natural flesh form. Of course, this cost the party some of the spoils they had earned during their adventures.

Finally it was time to retake the last quadrant of Blingdenstone from the ooze creatures that overran it. It was time for the Battle of Blingdenstone.


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