Out of the Abyss

On to Sloobludop

Having lost their only reliable guide, the heroes wandered through the caverns and tunnels of the Underdark, frightened by every sound emerging from the darkness beyond the light of their lanterns.

Eventually, with the aide of Eldeth, an experienced scout from Gauntlgrym, and Shushar, the heroes made their way toward Sloobludop. On approach of the kuo-toa town, they were set upon by a kuo-toa party in a hostile manner.

Shortly thereafter they encountered another kuo-toa party, this on led by Plooploopeen, the kuo-toa high priest of the Sea Mother. Plooploopeen proved much more hospitable than the other kuo-toa they had encountered, and he escorted the party to the town of Sloobludop.

Plooploopeen hosted the party for a hot meal of soup. It was disgusting, but more food than they had received at Velkynvelve. It was then that he requested their aid dealing with a rival religious faction led by his own daughter, Bloppblippodd.

This rival group worshipped the Deep Father, a malevolent spirit from the Darklake. Plooploopeen’s plan was to stage an offering of peace between the Sea Mother and the Deep Father, with the heroes as the sacrifice. Once close by, the betrayal would be revealed, and Plooploopeen would destroy the rival cult.

All went according to plan, with the heroes placed at the foot of the alter to the Deep Father. But after Plooploopeen struck the fatal blow, an horrific sight emerged from the Darklake – a 30 foot tall double-headed demon arose from the murky waters. Demogorgon himself raged and thrashed, sending his tentacle appendages out to destroy the hovels of Sloobludop.

Struck by varying levels of madness, the heroes fled in terror making it out of Sloobludop by land in the company of Eldeth, Prince Derendil, Buppido, and Stool. Shushar, who had been befriended by Elias, was separated from them and left to his fate, whatever that may have been.


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