Out of the Abyss

The Silken Paths

Once again finding themselves lost in the Underdark, the heroes stumbled from one cavern to the next, hoping to find their way eventually to Blingdenstone.

In the Underdark, even obstacles that one has tackled hundreds of times before become treacherous. Thus it was that the heroes made their way across a high cliff aided by a rope secured at one end. They elected to have the most experienced climber go last, so that she could bring the rope with her. Eldeth unknotted the rope and began making her way across the ledge, but slipped part of the way through, plunging 80 feet down the cliff into the darkness beyond.

A valiant rescue was staged by Elias and Prince Derendil, and by the grace of Sehanine, Eldeth’s life was saved. She wouldn’t be the same afterward, favoring her leg as she traveled forward.

The heroes pressed on ,and a few days passed before they found The Silken Paths. At first hesitant to enter into an area so obviously created by spiders, and fearing the spectre of the drow at their heels, the heroes were about to turn around. It was then that they were greeted by two goblins, Yuk-yuk and Spiderbait, surfers of the Silken Paths. They agreed to guide the party through the paths, for a fee of course.

Soon it was that the party, being sizable in number, put too much strain on the spider webs that they were crossing and one snapped beneath them. Elias and Buppido fell, but were eventually caught by the webs again. Before the others could assist in any way, a group of spiders fell upon them looking for a fresh kill. While battle raged above, Elias and Buppido climbed their way back to the others. After fending off the spiders, the party pressed on again.

It was then they encountered a group of cocoons in the webs, finding one of them to contain a living halfling. After rescuing him, Fargas Rumblefoot told them the story of how he came to be traveling the Underdark. The primary reason for his expedition was to find the lost Tomb of Khaem.

Fearing another attack by spiders it was determined they should make their way with haste. But a voice called out to them, and the heroes discovered a wandering beholder driven mad by the curse of the Underdark. The only useful information they could glean from the mad Naralynx was that there were demons rising in the dark. Making a move to attack, Elias drove him away with a spell.

Finally the heroes made their way off the Silken Paths and onward with rough directions from Yuk-yuk and Spiderbait toward Blingdenstone.

Days later they found a cavern filled with skeletal remains. On the other end of the cavern, a couple duergar were battling animated skeletons. Soon other skeletons rose and attacked the party. Battle was engaged, and things looked dire when the remains of a minotaur rose up to battle the heroes. With the aid of the duergar, all undead were dispatched. As a means of thanks, the duergar provided them with a flap of leather upon which was scrawled a very rough map of the Underdark. Finally a way to Blingdenstone!


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