Elias Luckblade

Human Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow, adopted son of Elven nobles from the High Forest


Height: 6’
Weight: 190
Eyes: green
Skin color: lily white
Hair: blond
Armor: chain and shield
Primary weapon: longsword

Although somewhat ravaged by prison conditions and having spent a day on Mistress Ilvara’s torture table (for attempting to free a prisoner doomed to be ritually sacrificed to Lolth), Elias is a handsome human who appears (through small tattoos and hairstyle) to have adoped Elven customs. His armor and shield have symbols of Sehanine Moonbow, his god, though they appear to have been defaced during the time the drow confiscated them.

He has no proper holy symbol of Sehanine, though he appears to have adopted a rusty iron bar he used in his escape as a substitute.

When he removes his armor to sleep, his torso is covered with scars from various burns and cuts.


Elias Luckblade willingly shares these details around the campfire with his party:

Elias is a human Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow, adopted son of Duke Ferevan Thelessandria, Duke of the Elven Kingdom of Eaerlann.

As it was told to him later, Elias was rescued by the Eaerlann moon elves as an infant from a smoking caravan laid waste by orcs. The elves knew his name was Elias from embroidery on his fancy clothing, and believed him to be the son of the unknown dead noble whose caravan was attacked, but nothing else.

More importantly for Elias, the Eaerlann moon elves believed his survival to be a divine omen or at least a sign of luck, and they named him Luckblade in hopes he would become a champion of their god, Sehanine Moonbow. These moon elves are the sizable remnant of the kingdom of Eaerlann, in the High Forest, after the general retreat of elves from the Realms to Evermeet.

Elias did seem to be lucky and to bring luck to those around him. For this reason, he was adopted by Ferevan Thelessandria, whose family were lesser nobles before the retreat, but greater nobles afterward. Elias was raised with all of the trappings of elven nobility and taught to love and defend Sehanine.

On the past several months, Elias has recently been troubled by dreams of a creeping darkness and flashes of fire from caves to the Underdark, and he has decided that Sehanine is calling him to service. He struck out a month or so ago and was drawn into a dark cave leading downward, only to end up captured (he forgets how) by some vicious drow. Although he believes in dreams and omens, he also wonders if he is just fooling himself into leaving the protections of his adoptive family in search of renown.

Elias escaped from the drow with the help of other prisoners, who have stayed together for protection as they flee their presumed drow pursuers in search of a safe city. Elias has taken a liking to most of them, especially the brave human wizard (Reece), a wise kua-toa philosopher (Shushar), a battleworthy dwarf scout (Eldeth), a barmy quaggoth who also thinks he is an Elven prince (Prince Derendil — many non-Elven Elven princes down here), and a so-far-behaving gnomish thief (Fnipper). The only two members of the party he actively mistrusted, a drow (Sarith) and a deep gnome (JimJar), are dead — the drow murdered the scheming gnome in his sleep, and Elias and Reece punished the drow for his crime [nb this is just his perspective of events, whether or not they are accurate].

More recently, Elias was reconsidering his righteous path. He has been groomed from an early age by his Elven family and patrons to take the Oath of the Ancients when he is ready, and that time came recently. He has always looked forward to spreading the silvery light of Sehanine into the darkest reaches of the world, to serve as her beacon and to light her beacon as he passes through. However, when he lay on Mistress Ilvara’s torture table, where she inflicted immediate pain and permanent scars, he set himself on a course toward the paladin’s Oath of Vengeance. Having escaped the prison and rekindled his hope through the example and advice of his mostly stout companions of all shapes and sizes, he became unsure which path he must take. In the end he code the Ancients, but part of him strongly believes that unjust injury, however slight, must be punished tenfold.

Elias Luckblade

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