Velkynvelve is a drow outpost run by Mistress Ilvara, a drow priestess. The PCs awake here to start the adventure. They are awaiting transport to Menzoberranzan as slaves.

The drow are cruel and put the slaves to menial and unpleasant labor. They arbitrarily order the prisoners to re-do work unnecessarily, or abuse them for the simple pleasure of it.

Escape appears impossible, as the outpost is suspended near the ceiling of an immense cavern. The drow have hollowed out several stalactites to use as various quarters and a temple. Water pours from a grate near the ceiling of the cavern, and its roaring sound dominates all others. Beneath the quarters and living area is a massive web built by a half dozen spiders. Anyone foolish enough to jump would almost certainly be caught in the web only to be fed upon by the monstrous creatures.

Other notable drow are Shoor, Jorlan, and Asha.



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