Out of the Abyss

A Different Plan of Action

Having faced their most recent failure at the Temple of Steadfast Stone, the heroes decided to take on different tasks for the community of Blingdenstone.

Knowing they had to secure food and lodging, they decided to take on the tasks set to them from Senni and Dorbo Diggermattock. Thus, they set out to scout the oozes and to entreat with the Goldwhisker Clan.

As soon as they were let into the Goldwhisker Warrens, they were happened upon by a strange creature. Although, ever creature they have seen in the Underdark could be considered so by their surface-dwelling experience.

What appeared to be a small puff of dust surrounded a small imp-like creature. Following this dust mephit was a large, lumbering earth elemental. The two regarded the party with curiosity. Attempts at verbal communication failed when they heard the voice of the mephit – obviously alien and perhaps otherworldly. Fnipper did her best at communication nonetheless and discovered that the mephit and elemental were traveling to Enémoch’s Boon somewhere outside of Blingdenstone. The quick-thinking gnome scratched out a map on the ground, and with the aid of the mephit identified the directions to the lost summoning circle.

After the mephit and elemental took their leave, the party pressed on, but were quickly halted when Fnipper triggered a trap. The ceiling caved in, but she jumped backward to save her life.

Making their way to the next room, they were ambushed by four deep gnomes of the Goldwhisker Clan. Battle ensued and the situation was looking a little dire when Reece’s sleep spell failed to have an effect. Two of the Goldwhiskers were slain, and the other two retreated. The heroes left a bloody and gruesome scene with beheaded bodies and a note promising parley. They then turned to the north in search of the oozes.

Reece, having spent much of his energy during the one encounter beseeched the others to head back to the Foaming Mug for the day. The others made fun of him and pressed on, but not before huddling in an empty hovel for an hour to catch their breath.

They resumed exploring and Elias boldly declared there were no traps to be found. He then immediately stepped upon a pressure plate, sending 4 poisoned darts at the party. Much pain and laughter were had.

It was then, in the dark of the lost Blingdenstone quarter, they came upon a sight of dozens of oozes in a ruin of some kind. The oozes did not move to attack, being on the other side of a half-destroyed fungal wall, and so the heroes retreated to explore other areas. They found an enormous chamber with a massive 150-foot diameter stone sphere in its center. The chamber was filled with dozens of oozes of various kinds. A disembodied voice shouted at them to leave, and so they did. They came upon one final chamber containing oozes. This one also contained a throne of stone, but they quickly discovered it was guarded by a massive black ooze. And so they retreated again.

Finally they decided to head back to the Goldwhisker Warrens to talk with the svirfneblin whom they had heard were wererats. They were stopped by several guards, who escorted them to meet with Chipgrin, leader of the Goldwhiskers.

It appears that Chipgrin and Senni were of like minds. They both wanted to talk, whereas the party knew that Dorbo wanted to exterminate the wererat clan. So they decided to set a meeting in a fairly neutral location: the door that separated the two populations.

Thus it was that they returned to the Diggermattocks to inform them of their findings. They were repaid with food, lodging, and a spell gem. The Diggermattocks would meet with Chipgrin, and invite him to participate in the Council of Blingdenstone.

. . .

Meanwhile, the heroes know that powerful foes lie in the Rockblight and continue to threaten Blingdenstone at large.


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