Out of the Abyss

A New Hope

Heroes and Boons

The heroes had now been in Blingdenstone for several days and were starting to feel overwhelmed with the daunting task of the Rockblight. To make matters worse, they heard that a drow was taken into custody at the city gate. Could this be some devious move by Ilvara to flush them out of the svirfneblin mining town?

They managed to secure an audience with the prisoner and proceeded to interrogate him. They quickly realized that he was not full-blooded drow, and later came to learn that his father was human. Nwûl told them that he was a traveling monk seeking to free the chained wherever he found them.

Finding no illusory magic, and no presence of fiends, the heroes were satisfied that Nwûl was telling the truth. And that he was not a spy of Ilvara. The heroes decided to take him as their charge and he joined the party.

The heroes decided to pursue Entémoch’s Boon, a summoning circle of benevolent earth elementals. However, Nwûl was forbidden to leave the city by Dorbo Diggermattock, who still did not trust the half-drow. Thus, the heroes snuck out of Blingdenstone through the Goldwhisker Warrens.

Using the knowledge provided by the dust mephit that they had previously met, the heroes wound their way through the underdark toward Entémoch’s Boon. They found the trail of small piles of stone, and Elias made additional markings of the symbol of Sehanine.

After traveling for a while they tired and rested. However, upon rising Reece heard the sounds of pursuit. The heroes quickly hid and three drow entered the cavern they were in. They ambushed the drow, and Nwûl proved himself a valued member of the team. After the fight they realized that even now, after weeks of being free of Velkynvelve, Mistress Ilvara still pursued them through the Underdark.

Somewhat unsettled, they pressed on to Entémoch’s Boon. Finally they found the site and began to explore it, making sure it was safe for the svirfneblin to return to it. That’s when they found two large eight-legged beasts inhabiting the cavern. The creatures attacked, and the heroes found it difficult to look them straight in the eyes. Doing so caused their legs to seize and their movement to become restrained. These basilisks possessed a power to paralyze their prey. Eventually, the heroes were able to kill the pair of creatures and searched their lair.

They quickly found a nest of basilisk eggs, and identified them as quite valuable. A more thorough search through their excrement revealed gems of high value and a magical mace. The thing looked of drow origin, being decorated with spider web motif. On the head rested a black widow carved of onyx. On command the spider would rotate to point North.

Taking their treasure, the heroes packed up to head back to Blingdenstone. Having now a detailed route and map to guide them, they found the way back without difficulty.


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