Nwûl Tash

Half-elf Monk


In regards to childhood homes, Nwul Tash’s was hardly the warmest. He was the only child of a powerful Drow priestess who had received the Kiss of Loth, making her one of the few vampiric Drow. His father was her favorite human thrall, and seemed often to return her affection, even when not being dominated by her will. While Nwul and his father were perhaps the only individuals not despised by his mother, the appearance of weakness could not be tolerated. As such, they were treated only slightly better than the rest of her subjects, who faced unspeakable torments.

The blood of his mother flowed far stronger in his veins than that of his father and many non-elves would easily mistake him for a full-blooded drow. While he never noticed any effects from his vampire heritage, his half-elven nature made him naturally resistant to his mother’s beguiling. Seeing this, as well as his considerable potential, a servant in his mother’s house secreted Nwul away to the Black Raven Monastery. Here he was trained not only in the martial arts, but to fight slavery of any kind.

His beliefs became a clash of the Drow ideology he learned as a child and the Black Raven tenants. Slavery is evil, but only by accruing power and influence can such chains be severed. Now he wonders the Underdark, using his strength to break the shackles of the oppressed and willing to cross moral lines to gain the power to do so.

Ideals: Through victory my chains are broken

Bonds: A dysfunctional far-off family, a brotherhood of monks, empathy with slaves and servants

Flaws: Considers power a means to an end and is willing to cross lines to get it

Nwûl Tash

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