Reece Ragnarok

Wizard of the Arcane Arts


Reece was born in Luskan to parents of modest means. His father purchased goods from ships arriving in the port town, and sold them to vendors and caravans who went on to sell them at a much higher markup in other locales. Oldest of seven siblings, Reece discovered his penchant for magic as a young lad when his father bought an old used cart full of mostly junk. Buried beneath mounds and mounds of boring useless items, young Ragnarok came across an old leather bound tome. The markings on the front cover were unlike any he had ever seen before, and he would soon find out that this book was inherently magical. After studying the ancient tome for just a few hours, he discovered that he was able to create small illusory images of objects he had seen before, and he knew that this was only the beginning.

As time passed, Reece went on to learn other cantrips and spells until he realized his natural talent for magic. It became apparent that he needed to relocate to Neverwinter where he could study the arcane arts more deeply. After studying alchemy and astronomy for several years, Reece took a job as a professor in Neverwinter. When he wasn’t researching this or that, or teaching his students, Reece enjoyed traveling to the Underdark where he would catalog the flora and fauna he encountered there.

The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge.

Ragnarok studied with a deep gnome alchemist and miner named Kazook Pickshine, who saved his life once when a magical experiment went awry. Last he heard, his family controlled some of the largest mines in the deep gnome settlement of Blingdenstone.

Most people scream and run when they see a demon. Reece stops and take notes on its anatomy.

Reece Ragnarok

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